Recurring commission paying the bills?

27 Jun
Light Bulb One of the traffic strategies I use as a part of my online business is Solo Ads. In particular I’ve been using Solo Ads to promote product funnels that include recurring commissions.Back in January I purchased The Big Commission Blue Print and The Affiliate Club from a guy named Dean Holland. I was completely blown away by the quality of the training which not only trains you how to make recurring commissions but also provides the exact products you need to earn a fantastic recurring income online.

So why do I recommend promoting products with high recurring commissions?

Each recurring sale you make directly adds to your monthly income. You should then use this income to drive more traffic to the same recurring offer. It’s called the compounding effect. If you’re promoting a high quality funnel with recurring commission then before too long the recurring income begins paying your traffic costs. From then on all sales, including additional recurring commissions become pure profit!

I don’t hear it talked about very often but these steps, as simple as they are, are one of the BEST ways to achieve HUGE financial success online!

If you want to start making recurring commissions too then I recommend you check out The Affiliate Club

To our shared success!,

– Steven

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