Setting up a Business

13 Jun

If you are seriously looking at earning income with affiliate marketing and product creation you are going to need a registered business. When I first began registering with affiliate gateways I found I often needed to enter business and tax information as a part of the registration process.

So I did the following:
– Created a Business
– Setup a Business Bank Account
– Setup a Business PayPal Account
– Created a Business Website, with Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Support contact email

Requirements for creating a business are going to be different in each country. Personally I contacted a local accountant and lodged the required paperwork via my accountant. If you are not sure what to do just search online for the best way to create a legal business in your country.

Setting up the bank account was relatively easy, but a word of warning setting up a business PayPal account took more than 8 weeks to get approved. I recommend you start the process as soon as you can. PayPal is required to verify your business details with the regulatory authorities in your country, which may take some time.

As for the website I highly recommend Namecheap for domain registration. (Yes this is an affiliate link this is what this site is about!). Remember before you register a domain name to search for Promo codes to get a discounted price.

For hosting I am using HostGator, but I have heard good things about BlueHost and DreamHost.
As for the Terms of Use and a Privacy Policy search the web to find good sample policies that you can use on your site.

All the best,

– Steven

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