How to succeed with Solo Ads

28 Jul
Email I often get asked if solo ads are profitable. Personally I have had success with solo ads. If you look back at my testimonial history on Facebook you’ll see that I have had multiple solo ad runs with seriously profitable returns on investment.It got me thinking about what are the secrets to successful solo ads?

There are a lot of pros and cons with solo ads that you need to understand before taking the plunge and make a purchase.

The advantages include:

  • Instant traffic on demand
  • Guaranteed number of clicks
  • More responsive than PPC traffic
  • Fixed price
  • A lot of vendors
  • Great for MMO offers

The disadvantages however can be:

  • Source may not be trustworthy and you pay in advance
  • Traffic may be trained to opt-in to receive free stuff
  • Traffic may contain fraudulent subscribers resulting in refunded orders
  • Subscribers may be on many lists and not respond to followups
  • Vendors may share traffic diluting fresh leads

Here are my tips to maximize your profitability:

1. Research
Always research the vendor history before making a purchase. Join the Facebook groups SOLO ADS TESTIMONIALS and SOLO ADS SALES TESTIMONIALS. Members of these groups post testimonial reviews for their solo ad purchases. Check out what people are saying and find a vendor with good testimonials, high opt-in rates and sales. Keep an eye out for vendors with repeat customers, it’s an indication that their traffic is converting.

2. Ask Questions
Ask the vendor to review your squeeze page. They will know what appeals to their list and will be able to give you advice for what you can change on your squeeze page to improve results.
Also it is a good idea to ask the vendor how they built their list and how they’re getting fresh subscribers. Try to avoid vendors that are only using click banking and solo ad purchases to grow their list, this could mean their list is lacking fresh leads.

3. Promote a High Converting Funnel
I would never use solo ads for selling Clickbank or other low commission items. To be profitable with solo ads you need to be selling a high converting funnel that includes recurring commission. I personally recommend finding a licensed sales funnel that associates your leads back to you and pays commissions into the future.

The sales funnel I’m promoting that is responding awesomely to solo traffic is the iPro sales funnel from Dean Holland. I’ve banked over a thousand dollars in commissions in the past few months and my next commission cheque I’m expecting to be even bigger.

If you want to get in on the action check out this video from my buddy and mentor Dean Holland.

I hope you find this information useful and I wish you every success online.

All the best,

– Steven

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