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22 Aug
Hi All, I have decided to start adding Free “No Pitch” Training videos to this blog showing in detail techniques for making money online. You can access the free training by clicking the Free Training menu above.The first training covers step-by-step how to register a domain name, create a hosting account, associate the domain with the hosting, how to FTP files to your domain and much more! Success

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Also, feel free to contact me if you have a training request and I’ll see what I can do.
I hope you enjoy!

All the best,


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4 thoughts on “Free “No Pitch” Training

  1. Steven, just had to say that this is the best training on how to FTP files to my domain that I have ever seen. I purchased a couple of done for you websites several months ago and had laid them aside because I couldn’t figure out this simple process. Today I got them both transferred with no problem. Now maybe I’ll be able to tackle the SNAP Affiliate Profits product I bought with confidence =) Thank you!

    • Thanks Sherrie, well done! I’m glad the video helped. I searched Youtube for good videos but most were lacking in some way. I think I’ll post this one to Youtube also. Thanks for buying Snap Affiliate Profits I hope you get some good profitable campaigns going. Cheers, Steven

  2. Steven – also left a comment over on your FB page. Well done – so clear and concise. Best vid I’ve ever seen on this subject and even learnt a new trick or 2 myself, even after all this time. Now on to next vid and apols if you intend to do something on this, but who would recommend now – it seems to change everyday – for email hosting. Have all my accounts with Gmail, who obviously do hosting on pro version , but thought that it might be useful to change for next couple of projects.

    Projs are – 1. New web site for IM esp CPA and affiliate mktg with vids playing a big part and, 2. a new Shopify store?

    Grateful for any tips – good or bad!

    Again – well done – sleek presentation and done at a great tempo. Lilk you I’m a real hater of so called extras with a download. Nowadays try to do any download with 100% concentration – have been caught in past doing it with half an eye on something else and ended up with taskbars that could not get rid of and loads of absolute crap. My own fault bur hard lessons learnt!!



    • Hi Rob, Thanks for the comment. I’ve been setting up a dedicated email address with each of my campaign domains. That way it looks more professional in the follow up series or if I’m emailing the leads. The problem with this is that I then have a heap of email addresses and mailboxes to manage. I believe you can aggregate into GMail but I haven’t done this so far. I hope this helps, All the best.

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