Snap Affiliate Profits – 2 Days to Launch

8 Aug
There are now less than two days until the launch of my first video product. I am extremely thankful for all the support I have had, especially from Greg Kononenko and Stephen Gilbert for working their a**es off to help make the launch a success.I’d like to also put out a huge thank you to all the affiliates that have gotten on board to help get the product out there. Snap Affiliate Profits

The product is 3hrs of video training split over 10 modules showing an over the shoulder case study where I select a product to promote, create a free report, buy a domain, set up the squeeze page, set up a follow up series, and drive traffic. It covers demographic research, keyword research, setting up a Bing campaign for traffic and strategies I use for tuning and refining my campaigns. The training is all authentic, everything was done live, I had never promoted that product before and had no idea if the campaign would be successful or not. I launch the campaign and then do a follow up video after 3 days to reveal how the campaign performed.

The product launches on Sunday the 9th of August 11am US EST and costs less that $10.

We’ve put a lot of hard work into this product to present something that is honest and ethical and simply shows a real person, setting up a real campaign and making real money.

If this is something that appeals to you then be sure to grab yourself a copy. The course is pack full of tips and insights that I’m certain will help contribute to your online success.

You can secure your copy here – Snap Affiliate Profits

Only two sleeps to go….

All the best,


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