What A Week!

16 Aug
Keyboard Success Hi Guys, Well it has been one wild ride! The Snap Affiliate Profits product launch has exceeded all expectations and I’ve met a lot of really great people. What a week!I’ve received so many emails this week from everyday people out there trying to learn how to make money online.

Unfortunately it can be such a difficult road to navigate. I’ve been incredibly lucky to find some really great mentors and been able to find some methods that really do work.

I mention on my about page that I’m committed to learning techniques for making money online and then teaching and sharing those techniques with others. It’s because people have shown me how to make money online that I’ve been able to make progress and start to see some really good results. Because of the support I’ve received it’s only right that I “pay it forward” and show people the techniques that I’m having success with.

So like I’ve mentioned before I am primarily running two types of campaigns, running Bing advertising to affiliate offers as covered in Snap Affiliate Profits and the other is promoting a Licensed product funnel using solo ads and my blog.

One of the techniques I’m currently trialling is using Facebook retargeting to capture leads from the bing traffic and solo ad traffic so that I can target ads to those people on Facebook. I’m seeing some really positive results and have been getting clicks for $0.20 or less. One of the advantages of this approach is that I already know these leads are interested in my promotions, they’ve already clicked on one of my links previously, so hopefully by following up with another offer within a quick period of time they may engage with me again.

I’ll continue testing and if I continue to see these results I’ll put some training videos together and show you guys how to get in on the action.

Thanks again to everyone that bought Snap Affiliate Profits.
I look forward to hearing how your campaigns are going.

All the best,


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