Do you suffer from shiny object syndrome?

27 Sep
Do you know about Shiny Object Syndrome?Shiny Object Syndrome is the tendency people have, that when looking to make money online, they buy product after product, spend a lot of money, not take action and not make any progress. Shiny Object

The problem with shiny object syndrome is not necessarily the product purchases, the problem, as I see it is buying product after product, and not really put any of them into action, and then go on to buy the next product. Often the next product is completely unrelated to the previous product purchase and unfortunately this cycle can be very difficult to break.

I have a challenge for you; look back at your last 5 product purchases and ask yourself, did you truly take action on any of these products? By take action, I mean to seriously follow the training, follow the steps and make a genuine effort to put the training into practice.

The most likely answer here is that you didn’t. I know this because at first I spent a number of months buying products and not really taking action.

If you haven’t taken action on at least 3 of the last 5 products you bought then unfortunately I have to diagnose you with Shiny Object Syndrome. Thankfully it’s not fatal and you can recover and live a long and successful life. 🙂

I’ve been trying hard not to contribute to this problem.

Yes, I have been recommending products, but I’ve been trying to build a pathway to success for you. Each product I have recommended has built on the previous product recommendation. I’ve been trying to be different from other internet marketers and guide you on a specific path that can lead you to online success.

Let’s review my recommendations –

Snap Affiliate Profits
Snap Affiliate Profits is my own product that shows you how I build micro websites to make affiliate commissions while building a responsive niche list. This training covers setting up Bing ads campaigns to drive cheap traffic to your micro website and offers.

Click Rate Fusion
Click Rate Fusion, by Aidan Corkrey, teaches you a technique Aidan used to maximize open rates and clicks rates on his follow up emails to get the absolute most out of your list. This training can be directly used with the Snap Affiliate Profits lists to maximize the returns on your campaigns.

Simple CPA Siphon
Simple CPA Siphon, by Stephen Gilbert, shows you a method for making affiliate commissions using Youtube videos to your offers. This method shows you how to rank your videos for massive free traffic to drive buyers to your affiliate campaigns and offers. I recommend trying this in conjunction with your Snap Affiliate Profits campaigns to add free traffic to your paid traffic campaigns.

CPA Income Explosion
CPA Income Explosion, by Timothy Miranda, Jason Finley and Saurabh Ankush, shows you how to combine Youtube campaigns with Bing campaigns to maximize profits on your campaigns. This approach teaches essentially combining Snap Affiliate Profits and Simple CPA Siphon together. There are some unique tips here, particularly how to rank videos and a special type of landing page that can boost your returns even further.

Video Vibe Professional
My next recommendation was Video Vibe Professional. Video Vibe Professional is one of the best products to be launched this year. This powerful software helps you create professional sales videos for your affiliate campaigns. This software fits perfectly with Simple CPA Siphon and CPA Income Explosion to help you build stunning sales videos with no technical experience required.

Simple Profits System
My most recent recommendation was Simple Profits System by Art Flair. This product introduces to you another powerful traffic for your affiliate campaigns, buyers traffic. Buyer traffic can be one of the most sought after and profitable traffic sources and this product shows you the easiest way to get it. This traffic can be used with your same campaigns from the previous products.

So am I perpetuating Shiny Object Syndrome? I hope not.

My commitment to you is that yes, I will recommend products, but I will only recommend products that build on the previous recommendations. Products that show you additional techniques, that you can combine with your existing knowledge to fast track your success online.

Most of you are on my list because you bought my product Snap Affiliate Profits.
I really want to thank you and help you continue on your journey to online success.

Good luck with your campaigns!

– Steven

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8 thoughts on “Do you suffer from shiny object syndrome?

  1. Hi Steve thanks I believe your mails and recommendation has been helpful to me I bought the product and i have been making use of them and i have seen the way to use them to my advantage I would like to follow your recommendations your pattern has been helpful to me to build on want I have know and also to cut down on somethings and product that I may not need .thanks ones more and keep up the good work.

    • Hi Sly, It’s good to hear that the products are working for you. To be honest if people bought only the products above they would have more than enough training and knowledge to make some really good money online. Thanks for commenting and please let me know how your campaigns go. All the best, Steven

  2. Hi Steven-
    I just read your article about shiny object syndrome and yes I believe I suffer from that. I decided not to buy another program until i get set up with your snap affiliate profits. I got my domain name and hosting through godaddy since I already had an account there but am currently struggling with FTP. I’m going to watch your videos a few more times to see if I can get it. I really want to make money online so I can leave my current job.
    I love your training videos. You’re a good instructor.

    • Hi Denise, Thanks for buying Snap Affiliate Profits and for your kind words. Let me know if you have any questions about the training and setting up your campaigns. I’ll do my best to help you where I can. Good luck, Steven

  3. Hi Steven-
    Thank you for the offer of help. I will need some. Here is my first question:
    I’m working through module 4 the domain redirection. The code you have on the screen is more than what is in the file. Am I missing something?
    It just has this:
    If you are not redirected automatically, please follow this link

    Is that all I need?


    • Hi Denise, I tried to email you but it bounced. If you still have questions please contact me through the About page on my website with your email address. Thanks.

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