Free Training Courses… Coming Soon

21 Jan

Hi Guys, I’m busy working on a new FREE training series to provide you with everything you need to start earning commissions online. I can’t reveal too much right now, it’s still early days, but here’s where I’m heading with this –

  • FREE Training Series
  • 4 Week and 12 Week Courses
  • Multiple Topics Covered, List Building, Traffic Sources, Product Creation, eComm, High Ticket Sales and more
  • Over the Shoulder Video Training
  • Newbie Friendly
  • FREE Squeeze Pages, Follow Ups and Giveaways
  • and much more…

I’m packing as much valuable content as I possible can into these courses so you can complete the FREE training, download the FREE training resources, follow the steps and start earning money online. And this will be just the beginning.

I’m trying to put together an ideal package of training, for beginners to intermediate students, covering topics that I wish I had been taught when I first started learning how to make money online. There will be content in this training for everyone. I’m really looking forward to helping as many people as possible.

As you can imagine it will take me some time to put all the material together.
I plan to be launching the training before the end of Feb 2016 and will let you know as soon as the training is available.

I’ll be providing access to a select few students prior to launch to work one-on-one with me through the material. Please comment below if you are interested in taking part in the training.

As always, I wish you all the best in your online business.

– Steven

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6 thoughts on “Free Training Courses… Coming Soon

  1. I maybe a newbie to this expansive game, but don’t be fooled because I am a visionary. I would love to be picked to try your training.

  2. Steven, this is great and I’d love to work with you. I like to think of myself as an intermediate marketer with a wealth of advanced knowledge but stuck in the beginner/intermediate earnings phase due to not knowing exactly how to execute those advanced concepts.

    If I may ask for your opinion; how would you define beginner, intermediate and advanced online marketers? $ three figures/month or less for beginners? $1000-5000/month for intermediate? More than 5k/month advanced? And it doesn’t have to be from a monetary standpoint as this is all relative. I’d love to know your thoughts on this.

    • Hi Christian, I’d say a Beginner is someone who has not made money online, or has not seen profitable campaigns, someone that is starting out but has not been able to make a lot of progress. As for an Intermediate I think it is someone who has had profitable campaigns, earned $100 in a day, possibly even $1,000 in a day, but has not been able to consistently get those results. Whereas an advanced marketer has been able to put this all together and can earn a full time income online. That’s the way I see it anyway.

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