New Years Resolutions

3 Jan
Fireworks I don’t usually make New Years resolutions. To be honest, I actually missed New Years altogether. I was working on setting up a new computer and my wife was watching a movie. I looked at my watch, thinking it would be 11:30 PM only to find it was 1:00 AM. I missed the stroke on midnight by an hour.

So why am I writing a blog post about New Years Resolutions if 1) I missed New Years and 2) I don’t make resolutions. It is because I got to thinking about my business.

What is the one thing I would do in my online business to really make a difference in 2016.

I suspect like most of you one of the issues I have is knowing where to best spend my time and effort. There are so many paths to making money online, so many different techniques, where do I focus my time for the best results?

This is a common question newbie Internet Marketers ask, hoping there is a magical answer that just works. The truth is, there is no single answer.

Everyone is unique, everyone has different strengths and different weaknesses. The answer is that you need to find your groove. No one can answer that for you. So if you don’t know where to spend your time, and no one can answer that question for you, then what do you do?

I think the answer lies in assessing your own strengths and weaknesses, choosing the techniques that best appeal to you and that complement your strengths and to set priorities to take action in that direction. If you want to set up an eCommerce store, if you want to run PPC campaigns, if you want to build and flip websites, if you want to build a list and promote affiliate offers or you want to create and release your own products then map yourself a path in that direction.

Now the next tip here is that once you have set you priorities you should consider finding yourself a coach.

Take a look for example at elite athletes, such as Olympic runners. Running is not a team sport, nor is it technically difficult, but almost all Olympic runners have coaches. Why?

Coaches help with guidance, ideas and insights, help build confidence, keep you on track, keep you accountable and stop you from doing something stupid that may damage your ability to reach your goals.

Now with making money online finding the right coach can make a huge difference to your business.

If you’re interested in finding a coach then you need to find a coach who is making a full time income in the direction you want to take your business. Now you may spend $2k or more on a good coach, and you do need to do your research. Ask around the Facebook groups and make sure you talk to previous students. If you have found someone that may be interested in coaching you then jump on a Skype call and make sure you are both a good fit for each other before committing to the coaching. Understand the terms of the coaching engagement, the duration, what daily and weekly support you are getting and what direction the coach plans to take you in. Also understand the payment terms, do you need to pay upfront, or can you pay as you go. If everything checks out and you are comfortable with your decision then go for it.

Now, I can’t take responsibility for your decisions, it may work out and your business takes a huge step in the right direction, or it might not, I can’t make any guarantees. It’s all about risk and reward.

So am I taking my own advice?… I am.

To get 2016 off the the best possible start I’ve decided to find myself a coach, focus my activities on my strengths and to be accountable.

In the process I’ll be sharing my progress with you and help you guys move in the right direction in your business too. I’ll keep you posted.

All the best for 2016.

– Steven

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