10 Minute Profits Review

2 Nov

The biggest reason people give up is that they’re not immediately profitable. 10 Minute Profits shows you a proven method for how to profitably build your list.

First of all, making money online is possibly the fastest way you can earn a full time income, but often involves trial and error to build your campaigns, build your funnels and build your lists to spin off profits.

The guys behind 10 Minute Profits have been there, they have put in the hard work, done the trial and error, built profitable funnels, and created a new training to help get you on the fast track.

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10 Minute Profits is a PDF training by Tyler Pratt, Dan Ashendorf and Shane Nathan which takes you through setting up a specific funnel configuration geared to earn you maximum income while building your list.

We are all told that we must build a list. But why? What does a list give you?

Answer: A list gives you traffic that you OWN.

Whether you need to run traffic to you latest blog post, your latest product review or to run an affiliate promotion, having a list means you don’t need to pay for traffic, you simply craft your email, mail your list and send traffic that you OWN to where ever you need it. As a result your costs can be low, while your earning potential is high.

Here are some of the early testimonials from students using this method –

10 Minute Profits - 2

10 Minute Profits - 1

10 Minute Profits - 3

Click Here on Friday 4th November at 9:00am EST US
to grab your copy with my bonuses!

The training covers exactly how to work the 10 Minute Profits System –

  • Getting The Ball Rolling
  • Creating the Landing Page and Funnel
  • What To Do After You Get Your New Lead
  • First Email
  • The Download Page
  • The Money Is in The Follow Up

10 Minute Profits

In business you should never get complacent and stop learning new things.

Take this course for example, yes there are multiple people teaching how to build a list, and I’m sure you have bought list building courses before, but whenever someone puts in the hard work, does the trial and error, and creates a profitable funnel it is absolutely worth checking out.

I learned something new with this one, and I’m sure you will too.

MY VERDICT – Recommended

Click Here on Friday 4th November at 9:00am EST US
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Upgrade 1 – Video training

Upgrade 1 contains additional video training to help you master the recommended funnel and maximize the profits from your list. If you prefer video training over following a written guide then this upgrade is for you.

MY VERDICT – Recommended

Upgrade 2 – Case Study

The second upgrade provides you with an actual case study setting up this method, driving traffic and getting results. If you like to get more hands on and follow a full case study then this upgrade is for you

MY VERDICT – Recommended

Upgrade 3 – Coaching Call

The third upgrade provides you with a one hour, one-on-one, coaching call with Tyler Pratt. During this call you get to work one-on-one with Tyler to solve any issues you may have and give you that extra assistance to get your funnels purring.

MY VERDICT – Recommended

Click Here on Friday 4th November at 9:00am EST US
to grab your copy with my bonuses!

****** MY BONUSES ******

If you purchase using the link above as my personal THANK YOU I have the following bonuses for you:

Bonus 1 – Done For You Funnel (EXCLUSIVE)

After reviewing this training I thought the best way I could help you get started would be to build the entire funnel shown in the training. All you need to do is change the opt-in forms, change the bonus links, upload the funnel to your website and start driving traffic.

I have specifically replicated the funnel taught in this training to remove as much of the technical barriers as possible.

Bonus 2 – One Week Income Training Course (EXCLUSIVE)

Grab FREE access to my latest training product which shows you over 7 daily modules every aspect of my online business for you to replicate. The training, spanning 7 hours of video content, shows you how to build your online business, build your list, promote to your list, run profitable campaigns, build your own products and make high commission sales.

Bonus 3 – Retirement Traffic Strategy (EXCLUSIVE)

In this video and corresponding download you will see the power and potential earnings by building a list. Even with a small traffic budget and making a loss you can still scale up to a full time income within 12 months.
After you learn this method you won’t look back.

Bonus 4 – Internet Marketing MEGA Pack (WITH RESALE RIGHTS)

This pack contains 25 internet marketing reports and 100 email swipes all with resale rights. Use this pack to create your free giveaway and start building your list.

Bonus 5 – 261 Articles on Internet Marketing

This pack contains 261 articles perfect for creating free giveaways, Facebook posts and email follow ups. Use this pack to create maximum value to your lists.

Bonus 6 – Internet Marketing Done For You Follow Up Series

This pack includes 30 days of done for you follow up emails in the Making Money Online niche.
Use this pack for ideas to help you craft your follow up emails to monetize your list to maximize commissions.

How to Get the Bonuses: after you purchase, watch out for the product access link email. When you click that, you’ll be taken to the download area, and my bonuses will be under “Affiliate Bonus”. Alternatively, simply reply to the email you get from me. Or just leave a comment here.

Click Here on Friday 4th November at 9:00am EST US
to grab your copy with my bonuses!

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