Instant Profit Funnel Review

13 Dec

So what exactly is an Instant Profit Funnel? It’s a funnel that converts traffic into subscribers and affiliate commissions. It’s also a new training by Mark Wightley and Mialei Iske. 🙂

I always advise my students that the best way to make money online is to find something they are genuinely passionate about, learn as much about it as you can, and build your business around it.

For me, that’s building profitable Funnels.

Take a look at my review video below to find out more and then …

Click Here on Thursday 15th December at 9:00am EST US
to grab your copy with my bonuses!

Instant Profit Funnel is a new training course that takes you step-by-step through how to create profitable funnels. Funnels that you set up once and then drive traffic into to build your list and earn affiliate commissions.

For me there is no better feeling than to earn affiliate commissions on auto pilot, purely by driving traffic into a profitable sales funnel. This training is ideal for anyone wanting to earn an automated online.

These are some of the results Mark has been seeing using this method:

Instant Profit Funnel Proof

Inside Instant Profit Funnel members area you’ll find:

  • Instant Profit Funnel 63 Page PDF Report
  • Instant Profit Funnel Checklist
  • Instant Profit Funnel Audio Course
  • Instant Profit Funnel Road Map
  • Landing Page Builder Plugin

Please Note, Unfortunately the email course, Email Cash Funnel, shown in this review is no longer part of the course. I have however been able to secure Email Cash Funnel as an exclusive bonus, available from my bonus page if you grab a copy of Instant Profit Funnel using my link. Sorry for the confusion

Instant Profit Funnel

Click Here on Thursday 15th December at 9:00am EST US
to grab your copy with my bonuses!

Instant Profit Funnel is a little gem of a course that shows you not only one of the best ways to generate an automated income, by a method that you can build your entire business around.

This method is a big part of what I do in my business, and from experience there is nothing better than running traffic into a funnel knowing that it will convert and that it will be profitable.

If you haven’t built a profitable funnel, or your you’d like to improve your methods then this is one worth checking out.

MY VERDICT – Highly Recommended

Click Here on Thursday 15th December at 9:00am EST US
to grab your copy with my bonuses!

Upgrade 1 – Instant Profit Funnel Video Course

Upgrade 1 includes the Instant Profit Funnel Full Course on Video (Step by Step), Converting Swipe Files, Detailed Traffic Training Video’s and Mark’s Personal List Of Profitable Niches.

MY VERDICT – Highly Recommended

Upgrade 2 – Complete Done For You Funnel

The second upgrade includes a complete Done For You Funnel including:

  • Pre Built High Converting Squeeze Page
  • All Front End Offers and Approval Links
  • High Ticket Offers and Approval Links
  • My Personal Traffic Sources and Services
  • A Full 21 Day High Converting Follow up Series
  • On Going One On One Support Plus More

MY VERDICT – Highly Recommended

Upgrade 3 – Monthly Membership

This upgrade includes access to monthly updated training, tips and tricks + monthly webinars, over 10 advanced training modules, Intensive Email and Copy Writing Course, A Complete Social Traffic Automation System, and Priority Support Via Skype.

MY VERDICT – Highly Recommended

Click Here on Thursday 15th December at 9:00am EST US
to grab your copy with my bonuses!

****** My Instant Profit Funnel Bonuses ******

If you purchase using the link above as my personal THANK YOU I have the following bonuses for you:

Bonus 1 – Email Cash Funnel (EXCLUSIVE)

Email Cash Funnel is a unique funnel that once created will drive it’s own traffic, build leads and then create an affiliate commission all on complete autopilot. The best part about this module is that it is very cheap to run and can be easily and quickly scaleable.

You may create one campaign that after a little time is earning you around $1000 per month. Then you simply create ten more over a period of time and then you will be earning around $10,000 per month.

Bonus 2 – One Week Income Training Course (EXCLUSIVE)

Grab FREE access to my latest training product which shows you over 7 daily modules every aspect of my online business for you to replicate. The training, spanning 7 hours of video content, shows you how to build your online business, build your list, promote to your list, run profitable campaigns, build your own products and make high commission sales. Don’t miss this opportunity to kick start your online earnings.

Bonus 3 – Done For You Funnel (EXCLUSIVE)

After reviewing this training I thought the best way I could help you get started would be to build the entire funnel shown in the training. All you need to do is change the opt-in forms, change the bonus links, upload the funnel to your website and start driving traffic.

I have specifically replicated the funnel taught in this training to remove as much of the technical barriers as possible.

Bonus 4 – Squeeze Page Pack (EXCLUSIVE)

Grab my very own set of high converting squeeze pages and exit popups that you can use to get started with Commission Pirate even faster.

Bonus 5 – Affiliate Traffic Masterclass (EXCLUSIVE)

Why stop at just Twitter. This course (which I released with Stefan earlier this year) show you 5 additional methods for driving traffic. I personally use these exact traffic sources to drive traffic into my business. Grow you customers with these great sources of quality traffic.

Bonus 6 – Retirement Traffic Strategy (EXCLUSIVE)

In this video and corresponding download you will see the power and potential earnings you can earn by building a list. Even with a small traffic budget and while making a loss you can still scale up to a full time income within 12 months. After you learn this method you won’t look back.

Bonus 7 – 100 Website Monetization Tips

This ebook will give you 100 website/blog monetization secrets. You can add as many of these income streams as you can handle. Plus you’ll get monetization ideas for profiting from the skills you learn while running your online business.

Bonus 8 – Email Marketing Blueprint

This e-book answers to most common email marketing questions; Why Email Marketing?, How to Boost Your Open Rates?, How to Boost Your Click Through Rates?, How to Get Passive Income & Leads?

Bonus 9 – Social Media Authority

Discover How To Establish Your Online Presence, Reach More People And Increase Revenue Using The Power of Social Media. With this Video and eBook Training Series You Will Find Out How To Dominate Your Internet Marketing And Become THE Authority And “Go-To” Person Gaining The Trust And Loyalty Of Your Audience!

Bonus 10 – Traffic Flow

Discover How To Flood Your Site With Huge Amounts Of Traffic And Skyrocket Your Sales.
This Guide Is Going To Show You Some Of The Most Effective And Efficient Tactics That You Need To Be Using To Drive Huge Traffic To Your Site.

Bonus 11 – Rule Reddit

The Ultimate Way To Go Viral And Have Your Traffic Explode.
Learn How You Can Manipulate Reddit To Drive Unlimited Traffic To Your Site With Precision. What Are You Waiting For? This Is Free Traffic!

Bonus 12 – 100K Traffic Blueprint

Everything inside 100K Traffic Blueprint is based on actual experience and testing. Nothing here is “theory”, stuff that ‘sounds’ like it should work, or other people’s ‘recommendations’. Based on years of actually doing – testing, tweaking, and testing some more – and hundreds of thousands of dollars generated annually, this is our full-time business, what we do day-in and day-out, and how we earn our living. With over 100 active revenue-generating domains, 20+ test sites, hundreds of articles, videos, and Web 2.0 sites, and a strong ‘offline’ business, we’ve learned precisely what works and why, and will show you exactly how to duplicate our success.

Bonus 13 – Essential Traffic Methods For Internet Marketers

This EBook discusses various free and paid methods of building traffic and their advantages, as well as information about how you can use each of these to expand your business. It also covers how to make sure you’re getting the most from your paid campaigns, to ensure you’re getting a good return on investment.

Bonus 14 – Free Traffic Forever

If you are planning to put up an online business or you already have an online business, then generating traffic must be on your top priorities. With no traffic, literally you have nothing. This report shows you the Top 5 Free Traffic Generation Methods!

Bonus 15 – Facebook Pixel Insert WordPress Plugin

You can use this plugin to insert a Facebook re-targeting pixel into any WordPress website page.

Bonus 16 – List Building Trifecta

List building is the first, most important and most constant of all the tasks that Internet marketers engage in. Their lists are their bread and butter and their lists and their businesses belong together. Neither can exist without the other.

You won’t have to wander around the Internet very long before you will find people saying that list building just isn’t important… and that it isn’t even necessary. Don’t you believe one word of that hooey… and that is precisely what it is… hooey!

Bonus 17 – Top 51 Traffic Resources

The Top 51 Traffic Resources video training includes PPC Advertising Sources, CPV/PPV Advertising Sources, Self Service Advertising Sources, Multi Channel Advertising Sources, Social Media and Mobile Advertising Sources, In-Text and Retargeting Advertising Sources.

Bonus 18 – List Building Strategies Revealed

If you have been around Internet marketing for any length of time, you’ll agree that everyone is talking about building a list. And in a real sense, it’s true that you cannot really claim to have an Internet business if you don’t have a group of people who have signed up to receive your emails and are poised to follow your advice and buy the products you recommend. Discover the top strategies here.

Bonus 19 – Email Marketing Riches

Most of the gurus that you see talking about making thousands on the Internet at some point in time have used an email list. Even companies as established as Amazon use email marketing, and they are famous enough that they wouldn’t have to use it. Indeed, no matter what level your company is on, no other forms of marketing establish the one-on-one personal type of relationship that is established through email communication.
Discover the Secrets to Cashing In with Emails.

Bonus 20 – List Building News

When using e-mail as the media of your marketing and advertisements, you eliminate the need for high costs. Email is free and if you can manage to make your own promotional advertisements you can also save a bundle there.

Bonus 21 – List Building Domination Blueprint

Having a large and responsive email list is the fastest way to bring in massive amounts of money. Instead of having to figure out where you’re going to find new customers, you already have a large list of potential customers. In fact, many of them have probably already bought from you and are willing to buy again.


How to Get the Bonuses: after you purchase, watch out for the product access link email. When you click that, you’ll be taken to the download area, and my bonuses will be under “Affiliate Bonus”. Alternatively, simply reply to the email you get from me. Or just leave a comment here.

Click Here on Thursday 15th December at 9:00am EST US
to grab your copy with my bonuses!

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