5 Day Fix Review

2 Jan

5 Day Fix is a new training course by Mark Barrett and Paul Prissick that teaches how to earn affiliate commissions while building your list.

There is one major thing that all successful online marketers have in common. A list. Whether this is in the form of an email list, or twitter followers, or Youtube subscribers, these are all lists that allow people to communicate directly with their subscribers and followers.

Put simply, having a list is having a traffic source that you own.

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5 Day Fix is a new training course that takes you through how to create a list building funnel and how to drive both paid and free traffic to your funnel to build your list and earn affiliate commissions.

One of the common problems is that people tend to over complicate list building. Making it more difficult than it needs to be and eventually giving up on the whole process. 5 Day Fix simplifies the whole process down into a formula that is easy to follow and easy to replicate the results they are getting.

These are some of the results Mark has been seeing using the exact method taught in the training:

5 Day Fix Results

Inside 5 Day Fix members area you’ll find 8 training videos showing:

  • Overview of the 5 Day Fix Method
  • How it is Done
  • Case Study Results
  • Super Targeted Traffic Source 1
  • Super Targeted Traffic Source 2
  • Squeeze Page, Download Page and Follow Ups
  • Free Traffic Option
  • Conclusion

Like I mention in my review video, there are 3 key standouts for me with this course; It is a simplified process, and there are 2 new traffic sources in this course that I had not used before. My early testing is showing the ability to get targeted subscribers for as low as 12 cents per subscriber. This is by far the cheapest traffic that I have found where the clicks are actually subscribing and then opening and clicks on my follow up emails. If this level of engagement continues I see no issue being able to convert this traffic and earn good profit given the very low cost to acquire a subscriber.

5 Day Fix Cover

Click Here on Tuesday 3rd January at 9:00am EST US
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Like I mentioned earlier, having your own email list is having a traffic source that you own. By offering a good mix of value and promotions, and building a good relationship with your list you are able to make repeat sales and earn profit over and over on autopilot.

5 Day Fix is a great course to kick off 2017 and continue to hone your list building skills.

MY VERDICT – Highly Recommended

Click Here on Tuesday 3rd January at 9:00am EST US
to grab your copy of 5 Day Fix with my bonuses!

Upgrade 1 – Done For You “100k” Follow Up Series

The first upgrade includes a 12 part followup series that has been carefully honed and tested. This follow up series has been used by Mark and his team and has easily made over 100k in sales.

MY VERDICT – Highly Recommended

Upgrade 2 – Complete Done For You Funnel

The second upgrade includes the complete Done For You Funnel shown in the case study. This is the exact funnel used to generate the profits shown in the training videos.

MY VERDICT – Highly Recommended

Upgrade 3 – 5 Day Live Masterclass Series

It is not very often the opportunity arises to engage closely with a super successful online marketer. In my opinion a true measure of a successful marketer and trainer is the level of success achieved by their students. Mark Barrett and Paul Prissick have a list of successful students and this upgrade provides you the opportunity to learn from the best and become one of those student success stories.

MY VERDICT – Highly Recommended

Click Here on Tuesday 3rd January at 9:00am EST US
to grab your copy of 5 Day Fix with my bonuses!

****** 5 Day Fix Funnel Bonuses ******

If you purchase using the link above as my personal THANK YOU I have the following bonuses for you:

Bonus 1 – Done For You Funnel (EXCLUSIVE)

After reviewing this training I thought the best way I could help you get started would be to build the entire funnel shown in the training. All you need to do is change the opt-in forms, change the affiliate links, upload the funnel to your website and start driving traffic.

I have specifically replicated the funnel taught in this training to remove as much of the technical barriers as possible.

Bonus 2 – One Week Income Training Course (EXCLUSIVE)

Grab FREE access to my latest training product which shows you over 7 daily modules every aspect of my online business for you to replicate. The training, spanning 7 hours of video content, shows you how to build your online business, build your list, promote to your list, run profitable campaigns, build your own products and make high commission sales. Don’t miss this opportunity to kick start your online earnings.

Bonus 3 – Squeeze Page Pack (EXCLUSIVE)

Grab my very own set of high converting squeeze pages and exit popups that you can use to get started even faster.

Bonus 4 – Affiliate Traffic Masterclass (EXCLUSIVE)

This course shows you 5 additional methods for driving traffic. I personally use these exact traffic sources to drive traffic into my business. Grow you customers with these great sources of quality traffic.

Bonus 5 – Retirement Traffic Strategy (EXCLUSIVE)

In this video and corresponding download you will see the power and potential earnings you can earn by building a list. Even with a small traffic budget and while making a loss you can still scale up to a full time income within 12 months. After you learn this method you won’t look back.


How to Get the Bonuses: after you purchase, watch out for the product access link email. When you click that, you’ll be taken to the download area, and my bonuses will be under “Affiliate Bonus”. Alternatively, simply reply to the email you get from me. Or just leave a comment here.

Click Here on Tuesday 3rd January at 9:00am EST US
to grab your copy of 5 Day Fix with my bonuses!

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