Landing Page Monkey

I really like finding products that fulfill two key requirements for me:

  1. Provide great value
  2. While being inexpensive

Landing Page Monkey is one of those products that not only meets both of these criteria but blows them out of the water.

Landing Page Monkey

For those of you that have not heard of Landing Page Monkey it is an online opt-in or landing page builder that allows you to create super fast, mobile responsive, auto-responder integrated landing pages simply and easily with no need to understand code or anything complex like that.

One of the super cool features is that it supports not only standard background images, but also background videos. Extensive split testing has found the background video can significantly increase opt-in rates and help your message stand out from the crowd.

When compared to the competition Landing Page Monkey cannot be beaten on price. Prices for opt-in page builders usually start at around $29 per month with limitations on the number of pages or the number of opt-ins, whereas Landing Page Monkey is a single one off price, with unlimited pages, unlimited traffic and the pages can be hosted for you at no additional cost. All for a price little more than what the others charge for a single month!

I am currently using Landing Page Monkey for all my campaign landing pages and am getting fantastic opt-in rates. Pages are easy to create, can be easily copied and easily exported for embedding into WordPress or another website.

My recommendation for everyone….get Landing Page Monkey. You’ll be up and running with high quality opt-in pages in no time at all.

Product: Landing Page Monkey
Author: MemberSpeed Inc
Link: Click Here
Review: 5 Stars – Highly Recommended
5 Star